How To: Put new strings on an electric guitar

Put new strings on an electric guitar

Learn with this informative video how to put new strings on an electric guitar. The best kind of strings to put on an electric guitar are Ernie Ball Coated Slinky strings. The first thing you want to do is release the tension in the string. You do this by loosening up the tuning knobs on the top of the guitar. The string will then be loose and will release all the way to the bottom bridge. Next all you have to do is push the string towards the guitar and it will push through out the back side of the guitar. To place a new string in it's place, you push it through the back of the guitar right through the hole where your first string fell out. Then pull it all the way up to the head of the guitar and wrap it around the knobs. Twist around until you feel the tension. Then tune your guitar and you are set to play!

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