How To: Re-string a Floyd Rose guitar

Re-string a Floyd Rose guitar

In this lesson he shows the way to restring a Floyd Rose tremolo style system. You will need some Allen wrenches. Use an Allen wrench to take off the bolts at the nut area of the guitar which is located at the top. Next, loosen all the strings. You can simply cut the strings with a pair of wire clippers. The next step is to remove in strings from the tremolo. Use the Allen wrench again to loosen the screws holding the strings. There is a screw for every string. Once all of the old strings have been removed, wipe the guitar down and clean the fret board. Apply some oil to the fret board. When putting the new strings on the guitar, the Floyd Rose system does not need the ball that is on the end, so clip it off. Feed the end of the string into the tremolo saddle and tighten down the screw. Do this for all six strings. Run every string through each proper hole on the headstock, and tighten. Back on the Floyd Rose side there are some fine tuners, move them so that they are about half way in each direction. Tune all the string to the appropriate tuning and then replace the bolts on the top of the guitar, in the nut area.

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