How To: Play "Beth" by KISS on electric guitar

Play "Beth" by KISS on electric guitar

If you're a big fan of Kiss and you want to learn how to play their song "Beth" on guitars, Bobby Crispy shows us how using his own arrangement of the song. Watch Bobby play the chords first so you will know how it will sound and if you're doing it correctly. Follow the guitar tabs shown on the video. Pause the video whenever a guitar tab/guide is shown so you can follow them properly. At the last part of the video, follow the finger picking of each guitar chord that you tried to learn throughout the video. Now, you can play the guitar chords you learned at the first part of this guitar lesson along with the finger picking to completely play "Beth" on guitar. With this guitar lesson, you're sure to learn how to play Kiss' song "Beth" on your guitar in no time. If you want to watch "Beth" played on two guitars, follow the link at the end of the video. Enjoy!

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