How To: Play blues on an electric guitar like Albert Collins

Play blues on an electric guitar like Albert Collins

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If you've ever wanted to play blues like the greats, MusicRadar shows you their style. Just pick up your electric blues guitar and think of what blues guitarist you want to play like.

This video tutorial will teach you to play blues on an electric guitar like Albert Collins. The album "The Freeze" seems to have first demonstrated Alberts Collins prowess on the instrument, recorded with his Rhythm Rockers bands members. In the mid-seventies, Albert quit playing the guitar completely and took a job in construction, working on Neil Diamond's house among others! A few years later, his wife Gwen had cajoled him back into his preferred profession of music.

The way to get the most authentic tone would be to use a single coil pickup -or combination of neck and bridge to be precise. If you're using a Strat-type guitar, try the middle pickup. This will give you a similar 'bite'.

Albert used to carry around a Fender Quad Reverb amplifier, as he felt this was an important part of his tone. You can still get close with a clean(ish) setting on any amp, with a splash of spring reverb.

Another key element is the attack Albert got using his right hand thumb and fingers to 'snap' the strings towards the fretboard, rather than the fuller sound which results from the more conventional pick stroke.

Find tabs here:

Play blues on an electric guitar like Albert Collins

Play blues on an electric guitar like Albert Collins Click through to watch this video on

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