How To: Write heavy metal music with songwriting tips

Write heavy metal music with songwriting tips

System of a Down. Motley Crue. No matter who you are, a heavy metal song is almost instantaneously recognizable, with bands as diverse as System of a Down and Motley Crue banging out deep, distorted guitar riffs and emphatic beats. The muscal genre of heavy metal is a headache for adults and a form of rebellion for kids, which is why you'll always seen teens rebelling by blaring this music on full volume.

There are lots of reasons to be attracted to heavy metal, and if you're in love with the sound of the genre, why not write your own heavy metal song? Sounds hard, we know, but if you need some tips and pointers simply check out this video. Then get ready to get the stink eye from parents and the awe of teenage boys everywhere.

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