How To: Study chords & practice playing harmonized scales

Study chords & practice playing harmonized scales

This is a video guitar lesson brought to you by, and is Part 1 in the series "Harmonized Moveable Chord Shapes". This video lesson covers how to study chords on the guitar neck, and how to practice playing harmonized scales using both triad and seventh chord qualities. The idea taught here works well, because the harmonized major scale gives you most of the popular chords in today's music. These include: the Major Triad & Major Seventh, the Minor Triad & Minor Seventh, the Diminished Triad & Minor Seven Flat-Five, and the Dominant Seventh chords. With a solid grasp of these chord types you can learn to play many of the most popular songs in today's contemporary music. To develop these chord types using this practice method, you will need to learn and understand the harmony of the major scale.

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