How To: Start reading sheet music for the guitar

Start reading sheet music for the guitar

Follow along as Nate Savage teaches us to read sheet music for the guitar.

-The first thing you are going to need to know are the names of lines and spaces on a staff.
-A guitar is based on the treble clef.
-Each staff has five lines and four spaces.
-The bottom line is an E note and it goes in alphabetical order from there up.
-The first space would be an F, the next line would be a G, the next space would be an A, and so on.
-An acronym everyone uses for the spaces is 'FACE' (letters of the spaces).
-For the lines, it is easy to remember by saying 'Every Good Boy Does Fine', (EGBDF).
-For example, if you say a whole note, on the first space of the staff, you would know you need to play an F note.

There you go a quick and easy way to understand sheet music for the guitar.

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