How To: Play "Walking Blues" (Muddy Waters vs Son House)

Play "Walking Blues" (Muddy Waters vs Son House)

Learn how to play the Delta Blues with this great guitar lesson. You'll see how to play the blues song "Walking Blues", two different versions, in the style of both Muddy Waters and Son House.

"Walking Blues" is credited to Son House, who recorded the song for Paramount in 1930. He is also credited with teaching the song to Robert Johnson.

Muddy Waters' arrangement of "Walking Blues" was used by Eric Clapton. Muddy Waters, at the age of 17, created this version.

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Kevin Duggan's "Masters of Delta Blues Guitar" series is devoted to giving you free guitar lessons for blues songs from the greats.

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Love that sound ! I hadn't heard of Son House but I've always really enjoyed Muddy Waters. Thanks

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