How To: Play Randy Rhoads' intro from "Crazy Train"

Play Randy Rhoads' intro from "Crazy Train"

Play Randy Rhoads' intro from Crazy TrainHere's how to play Crazy Train by Ozzy. Play the top two strings. Then play the second and fourth fret which is the power chord F sharp. Play the A chord twice and then F sharp, D and E twice. That's the first bit that he plays. The next part is the riff. He plays F sharp twice. Then, he plays the second string fourth bar and back to the second bar. Next, he plays the fifth on the second string. Then, he goes back to the second string. Next, he plays the fourth fret, second string and then back to the second fret, top string. Second string at the top of the bar is next. Then, he plays and open A, top string fourth bar. After that he goes back to A, then open A, fourth. He plays the E string. Repeat that pattern three times. On the fourth time, he goes from the fifth power chord on the A and D to the seventh bar. That's the end.

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