How To: Play beginner chords on the electric guitar

Play beginner chords on the electric guitar

Want to learn guitar? Some people feel helpless, or feel that it is too hard, but this is not the case. Utopian Thrash Metal Guitarist started out with one tablature book and a cheap electric guitar -- he self taught himself in almost no time.

This music video tutorial will show you how to get started with the guitar -- see how to play beginner chords on the electric guitar. See the basic Major chords (A, B, C, D, E, F, G). You'll see where your fingers go and which strings are not picked in the chords. Then see an example of how all of these chords can be linked together to make a song. After you've familiarized yourself with these chords, you'll be able to recognize what chords someone is playing just by seeing their hand and finger positions... It can help with learning a chord-heavy song by visually seeing them play.

Check out the complete blogtorials. They're placed in contextual order and combined with even more specific information, pictures, and diagrams to help explain things in even more detail.

To see a huge list of the major and minor chord diagrams and tablature, check out this page.

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