How To: Create and build chords on the guitar

Create and build chords on the guitar

For beginners, you may learn a few basic chords here and there, but somewhere in your mind you must think about why do these chords sound like this, why is this an A chord and this a G chord? Well, wonder no more! In this video you will learn how the construction of a chord works, which is basically taking the root and adding a specific formula for what you're looking for. Let's say you want to build an A major chord. Well, you first have to build the triad which is the 1st note of the major scale, the third note of the major scale and the fifth note of the major scale. The root note is an A, and then the third of the A major scale would be a C# note, which has to be in the chord as well, and the fifth of the A major scale is E, and you basically stack them on top of one another and create the A major triad which can also be the A major chord if played correctly on your guitar.

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