How To: Bend notes when playing a minor pentatonic scale

Bend notes when playing a minor pentatonic scale

In this how to video, you will learn to use the pentatonic scale and bend notes. First, you must remember that your bend must reach another note in the scale. When bending, you are bring the fret to your finger rather than sliding up to it. You must use your ear to make sure it is in tuned. The blues note, or half step, only sounds good when it is going to another note. You can bend the half step as long as it resolves to another note in the scale. You can also do the whole step bend. This can be a resolution within itself. When bending, the ring finger is very useful. You can also use your pinky as well. When your finger is on the root, you can go a whole step higher into a minor third bend. You now know how to bend notes in the pentatonic scale.

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