How To: Play the "Bow-Chikka-Wow-Wow" riff on the guitar

Play the "Bow-Chikka-Wow-Wow" riff on the guitar

In this how to video you will learn to play the infamous "bow-chikka-wow-wow" riff and use it in your every day life! This riff is tuned in drop D tuning. If you want to play the riff without tuning to drop D, just move everything up 2 frets (a whole step). This lesson is for intermediate to advanced guitarists.

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Haha wow I don't know who posted this here but cool (I'm the guy who made it!)
For more tutorials and stuff check out my youtube channel,

If you guys want more.. er.. bizzarre tutorials like this let me know haha, this was actually a lot of fun to make!

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